FAQ – A.A. Snow Pros

You’ve Got Questions… We’ve Got Answers

Q. How often will my driveway be serviced?

A. We begin our route at 1.5″ of snow, and we route our tractors on a 6 hour service cycle. This means that your driveway will be cleared every 6 hours or 1.5″ of snow accumulation, whichever comes first. Each storm, we reverse the route so no one will always be at the end of the route. There is no priority or favoritism in our routing, it is simply based on geographic location, and the logistics of our routes.

Q. What if my car is left in the driveway, or the city plows leave a snow bank after the storm is over?

A. This is not a problem at all, in fact we expect and plan for this every single storm. Throughout the duration of the storm we will continuously service the driveway from the back of the car(s) or garage door to the street. Once it stops snowing, we do our best to follow the city plows and service each driveway after they have come by. Many times the city plows will perform a follow up clean up of many streets, which can create another snow bank long after the storm ended. Because of this, the day following the storm we perform our “final pass” to clear any additional snow banks, and where the car(s) had been during the storm. This generally starts at 9 am the day following the storm, but can change slightly depending on the storm timing and duration. To keep updated on this, we announce the “final pass” via an email that will be sent to the email you provide at sign up.

Q. Will my driveway be cleared before 7 AM?

A. Although we would like to tell you it will be, it all depends on the timing of a storm. For example, if it starts snowing at 5 or 6 AM, then it would be impossible for us to have every driveway cleared by 7 AM. However, in most cases a large enough storm that would prevent someone from exiting the driveway would be over a duration longer than our 6 hour route. So most likely we would have already been by several times throughout the storm.

Q. What if the snow drifts onto my driveway when it is not snowing? Will this cost me extra?

A. No, this will not cost you any extra money. If the snow is drifting onto your driveway, we will provide a courtesy service to all customers once the wind causing drifting stops.

Q. Do you offer shoveling?

A. No we do not. While it was offered in the past, we have found that there is very few customers that request shoveling service. As a result, it is just not a sustainable add on to our driveway service. If it is something that you are unable to self perform, we will direct you to another local vendor who handles shoveling.

Q. Will you apply deicer to the driveway or walkways?

A. No, we do not offer any deicing services. Deicing of the driveway remains the responsibility of the homeowner.

Q. Do you use plows?

A. No, we do not. We use tractor mounted snow blowers which provide a much higher quality result. We do not leave behind unsightly, or visibility blocking snow piles, and we do not tear up or damage your lawn by plowing snow onto it. Another advantage is that no matter how much snow we get during the season, you won’t run out of room to pile it.

Q. What discounts can I get?

A. We offer two everyday discount opportunities. All new customers receive $50 off your seasonal price if you sign up and pay in full prior to November 30, 2014. We also offer a $25 neighbor referral discount. If you refer a neighbor that signs up for our service, we will credit you $25 off your contract price. Both discounts can be simultaneously redeemed.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes we are fully insured with general liability, workers comp, and commercial auto.

Q. Can I just pay for each time the driveway is serviced instead of seasonally?

A. Unfortunately we do not offer per service billing for driveway clearing. Part of the core to our driveway business model is offering homeowners a way to budget a common household expense, and know that the cost will not fluctuate with the weather. Also, we own a fleet of tractors that are only used for clearing driveways, and pay our operators on a salary basis so our annual costs are fixed, and will only fluctuate about 3% from having a no snow winter to a record breaking snow fall winter. However, our system is so efficient that when the “cost per service” is broken down over an average snowfall season, it often averages out to only $5 per service. Think of our pricing similar to homeowners insurance, but for your snow removal. For one low price, you do not need to worry about snow removal, and even if we have a block buster winter similar to winter 2013-2014, you will pay the same price. Our driveway clearing service truly defines “unlimited snow removal.”

Q. Do you have references?

A. Yes we do, all local references of very satisfied customers. Just contact us to learn more, and we can provide unsolicited testimonials from our happy customers!

Q. Is it safe to snow blow paver or brick driveways?

A. Yes, in fact we are specially equipped to do so. We have plastic cutting edges on our snow blowers which are the ideal method for clearing sensitive brick or paver driveways.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. We prefer a check, but also accept all major credit cards, paypal, and cash. If you would like to pay an invoice, you can do so by clicking the “sign up” button located on the “services” page as listed at the top portion of this web site. This link will lead you to the PayPal website, where you can enter the invoice amount, and securely pay with any major credit card, without being a member of paypal.